Sessions on line

Fixes and Releases the Barriers

are preventing you to the next level

to enjoy a Lifetime Passion, Purpose and Abundance


What are you …


When you do not know what to do?


When you think you’ve reached a plateau and have you stuck?check_mark.gif


check_mark.gifWhen you hear talk of crisis and that everything is going to get worse?



With what you lose sleep and makes you paralyzed as you undertake?



When you have a great idea but you stay paralyzed, without acting?



With the Auto-sabotage in your purposes?



With the nerves that sometimes you do lose the papers?



With anxiety about the uncertainty in your Business? and in Your Life?

check_mark.gifIf you fear losing your business, or your relationship is broken, or lose all your savings?

check_mark.gifIf you have fears or limiting beliefs that block and paralyze you, preventing you follow your dream?

These are some of the fears that can arise when you get to move:

  • A public speaking
  • Flying high
  • A plane flying
  • A lead
  • To be alone
  • To create a team
  • Afraid to start my own business
  • I fear the next level in my business
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Success Fear Anything else to add to this list? And these are just some of the limiting beliefs that may be stopping you:
  • I’m not good enough
  • Not possible
  • That’s for other
  • I am not able
  • I do not deserve
  • Only people can do that are ……
  • With all the people who are doing it to my not going to work for me.

Sometimes one stop almost his life without realizing , because the limits reside in the subconscious . If you take time with any of these problems, and do nothing … or

If you’ve searched for solutions , done things to change, and still the problem …

Then maybe consider playing what you’ve done so far do not work,

and that is the time to try new ways and new ways

I invite you to take ACTION now for Yourself:

48.jpg Photo Workshop

‘m Montse Ceide. ‘m Coach Change and your Mentor.
Trainer Expert Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT-Tapping).
I run Coaching Programs Individual and Group and Classroom Courses and On-Line for entrepreneurs like you can move to your next level of success.

I specialize to help you identify and release the fears that are holding you back in your business, and transform them into Love, Freedom, Passion and Abundance, which will run on your Business and Your Life

This use techniques and very deep and powerful resources that act directly on your subconscious, with immediate results . thee also accompanied and guided in action to achieve making the necessary and live updates reasoned, fully awaken your personal power, and thus comply Your Purpose in Life with Confidence. This will open to accept and ALLOW all the blessings that are yours by birthright, to move to the next level in your business and in all areas of your Life, Success and Abundance.

Success Stories

Hi all, just three weeks ago

my life was totally monstrous, for me it was the worst, no one at all that could express how bad it was, I had no point of comparison with what I felt.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, everything was truncated in my social life, family, personal … I went from being an active person to be around.

I had heard before EFT but for some reason did not so so strongly as now, so in the middle of an emotional crisis I decided to call Montse and ask, I really wanted to make the course of EFT, but if she saw fit to give few sessions before, and she told me that to do what I ask my Self . Heck, I needed help and was looking for the easiest solution: another tell me what I can do.
Montse Thanks, because from that moment and began changing.
Thus began the most wonderful adventure I lived until today ,

although he had experienced moments of happiness in my in recent years had only lasted just three days, hence my suspicion, so I started by  Skype sessions.

In the first session I gave little thought had been the worst patient who had been able to cross Montse in his career, but as he passed the sessions, with the wonderful help of Montse, which has such great ability to transmit, traversing their networks, something was changing in me.  Though I commit to cost a lot, I committed to practicing EFT between sessions and that’s emerging new Cristina, or not! Sorry! emerged Cristina without more, that strong, no? Especially emerged that I did not like could change it, I am able to express my feelings to others and always listen from Love, I love you, I’m open to giving me the opportunity to love me, and above all accepting and allowing emerged.  Who now the happy morning wake up! and from here and now share the new purpose in my life:

I agree (with myself) to open up to receive all the good that the universe sends me.

I promise to heal, accepting, allowing the way without interfering.  Thanks EFT (my icing on the cake for many therapies that I learned on the road).  Montse Thanks. Thank you all.

A hug to Alma,

Cristina Molina

Quiromasajista, Reflexologist Foot Reflexology, Energy Therapist.

encarni pastor.jpg
Hi, my name Encarni,

I teach self-help and personal growth and one of my students sent me an email with information EFT Montse, without more did follow my intuition, and I contacted her.  It’s something I’m glad each day.

I Skype remote 1st and 2nd level of EFT, and it was something great, with simplicity, humility, simplicity and clarity Montse makes you understand the agenda, and especially how easily you transmit and you connect with it. It’s like you’re with a friend who you know in a lifetime.  I decided to make the 3rd level EFT face because

I was hooked, it was as if I were I left midway in my life.

I can say that there has been a turning point in my life,
  everything that she says she can help you unlock, and 
 those traumas that everyone has, few are aware of them and others do not .. IS TRUE!.

I  feel happy now , valuing those little things that I went unnoticed before my mind was busy worrying about being happy and  is now  occupied  to be happy, to live day by day 
 enjoying the peace we both needed.

I’m still with Montse, now doing the  Abundance program in 90 days  and I encourage everyone to do it, is another 
 . their wonders  I can I say that

every day I can see how this potential that I have within me becomes more and stronger,  and if the universe allows it I’ll put everything in my power to keep growing and my education in  this field with her.  Montse Thanks for bump in my life, and follow me. Thank you.

Pastor Encarni
Instructor Courses Personal Development and Meditation


What I propose is as simple as that  WE LET’S SEE BY SKYPE (free and simple program that will allow us to see ourselves as we speak in real time from anywhere in the world ).


The method I use in my sessions is so revolutionary, simple and effective remote works as well as in person sessions.


So I propose INDIVIDUAL DISTANCE SESSIONS, a form that will allow me to help you quickly and effectively in person at your unique and exceptional case.


Now Choose your option:
Each Individual Session has approximately an hour and
sometimes feel the improvement and solution from the first session!

Option A: Individual 1st Session: 80 € 

Option B :  Next Individual Sessions 60 € (maximum interval between sessions 10 days)

Option C:  Pack 3 sessions first single (Promo): 167 €   (maximum interval between sessions 10 days)


Option D:  Individual sessions Pack 6 297 € (Special Price PACK6-Recommended)

(Maximum interval between sessions 10 days)

Other Payment options:

By Bancari transfer to the account:    BBVA 0182-6714-05-0201500192 . Title: Montse Ceide.
Remember to put in your name and surname CONCEPT. And sending a [email protected] post a message confirming which option you chose for your personalized session.

Through Western Union . Attn:
Montserrat Ceide Canzobre.
S / C de Tenerife. Spain


I encourage you to arrange your remote session NOW, and enjoy your MULTIPLE BENEFITS

 * Choose the On Line session is easy and convenient , compared with a classroom visit by:

* You avoid the problems inherent part of the journey: possible problems with traffic, parking, the high price of gasoline …

*  Distance Sessions will involve a considerable saving of time and transport costs and travel , helping to reduce stress and allowing staff more time in your schedule for your stuff.

* It may be easier for you to talk about things and distance sensitive issues that face-to-face, in person.

 * Many people have told me that they find it easier to bring to light very personal issues
as «work alone but PERSONS» in a Remote Session.

* The sessions promote concentration on the subject in which we focus. After a session with me, most people say they feel their profits thanks to the great focus and connection fail. These people ensure that there will be an environment that distract them at home, as this is an environment they know and will ensure that no interruptions or discomfort during the session.

You also  have to be sure to create a safe, quiet and private environment for you . you close the bedroom door, unplug the phone, avoiding having to be aware of other tasks such as child care, homework, tv, etc.  From this tranquil setting private and will be held among us a strong personal communication, very rewarding and liberating.

* You can do remote sessions:
– In a break from work,
– In the range of food
– in a gap between everyday activities.
– even in the car with the «hands-free» – Skype to phone-( please not while driving).

*  Agree Individual sessions Distance is effective, easy and save everyone stress.

* No matter where you are geographically. It’s Possible!
Star *** One of the resources is my sessions TAPPING or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) *** .

If you are interested in learning the art of EFT -Tapping , you would be wise to take the time to learn it and study it well and with all aspects of this interesting and effective energy psychology process. Now also you CAN learn at a distance and in person with me through these sessions.

Need a query faster?
With the payment system Paypal email, I can assist you in minutes.
Paying in this system, if you still do not have it, is by card, Visa or Master Card. As you check in I will receive a confirmation email immediately. And we can arrange our date.

My Skype name is montsekamala.


Write to [email protected] to inquire if you have any questions,
or to schedule your appointment NOW once purchased a pack meeting or session.


You only need a computer and you download the Skype program, the call is free from anywhere in the world.


I hope so!

Montse Ceide


* If there is a specific trauma or unpleasant event in your past that is not allowing you to be yourself.

* If you are afraid of something specific, or if you want to change any aspect of your life and you fear change or feel paralyzed, or do not know how.  * If there is anything you want in this life that you know you would be happy and do not know how to do, or «think» it is not possible for you.  * If you feel you’re stuck.  * If you want to discover and transform the limiting beliefs that are preventing progress,  * If you’re ready to move to your next level of success , personal or professional.


EFT is more alternative techniques used in the U.S., especially known for its speed when it comes to ease and banish that keeps you achieve the life you’d lead, and show your true way of Being It’s time for your marques the direction you want to give your life, take the helm and dirígite towards the life you want.

Now Choose your option:

Each Individual Session has  approximately an hour  and
sometimes feel the improvement and solution  from the first session!

Option A:  Individual 1st Session: 80 € 

Option B :  Next Individual Sessions 60 € (maximum interval between sessions 10 days)


Option C:  Pack  3 sessions first  single (Promo): 167 €



Option D:  Individual sessions Pack 6 297 € (Special Price PACK6-Recommended)

(Maximum interval between sessions 10 days)

Other Payment options:

*  By Bancari transfer to  the account:    BBVA 0182-6714-05-0201500192 . Title: Montse Ceide.
Remember to put in your name and surname CONCEPT. And sending a   [email protected]  a message confirming which option you chose for your personalized session.

*  Through Western Union . Attn:
Montserrat Ceide Canzobre.
S / C de Tenerife. Spain

           Transform Your World Emotional Surrender to the Life With Confidence .. 

                     Where? Here …..    When? Now ….  
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